Timelapse photography varies depending on the type of event captured and the speed of action recorded. ComDesigns has expertise at all scales, whether the event unfolds in an hour, a day, a week or even months or years. Our numerous weatherproof day-cams are perfect for shorter events. Our three weather-sealed, solar-powered timelapse camera systems are capable of being deployed and left unattended for months at a time. Most importantly, we know how to manage the results and can edit timelapse imagery to best communicate the action and interest in the scene.

Timelapse of The TRA 632 Hot Cell Removal from ComDesigns on Vimeo.

This time-lapse sequence was taken over a two-month period. It shows the demolition of TRA 632, a building containing a massive hot cell formerly in use at the Idaho National Laboratory site. The hot cell, weighing more than one million pounds, was loaded onto a special trailer and transported to the Idaho CERCLA Disposal Facility (ICDF). ComDesigns produced this and other videos to provide historical and technical documentation of the cleanup at ICP.

To learn more about the project, read the article at: idahocleanupproject.com/NewsRoom/InsidetheICP/tabid/183/EntryId/119/ATR-hot-cell-removal-proves-to-be-formidable-job-for-D-D.aspx

Materials Testing Reactor (MTR) Demolition (Time-Lapse) from ComDesigns on Vimeo.

This time-lapse video shows the demolition of the historically influential Materials Testing Reactor (MTR), one of 52 reactors built at the site now known as Idaho National Laboratory. In operation from 1952-1970, MTR was used to test how materials performed in intense radiation environments.

ComDesigns produced and compiled the historical footage for the Idaho Cleanup Project.