Communication Designs, Inc., familiarly known as ComDesigns, was founded in 1996 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We began as a small agency, providing public outreach, communications and multimedia development. Our goal was to stay small and offer outstanding service through a boutique network of specialty communications professionals. Even then, our client base was diverse, spanning the state and surrounding region, and including engineering firms, contractors managing DOE cleanup and research missions, a few select governmental agencies and several private firms.

In the years since it was founded, ComDesigns expanded its capabilities from public meetings, multimedia, writing, and print design to a full spectrum of communication products and services, including photography, video production and and an array of digital media, strategic communications and staff support. Concomitant with the digital revolution, we developed an understanding of how to formulate and deliver integrated, multi-channel communication solutions across a wide array of media. 

Today, ComDesigns is an established strategic communication agency, specializing in integrated communication products and services, issue management, environmental communications, science and technology marketing, and staff support. We provide a full array of services, including the best photography and video production capacity in the region. Our ability to provide sensitive communications, smart solutions and outstanding products on incredibly tight deadlines and a tight budget has earned us a reputation as a “go-to” firm for uncompromising excellence. Most importantly, we provide clients with effective communication solutions.