Education Outreach

ComDesigns has a deep commitment to share our passion for science. We assist clients making challenging technical content more understandable and approachable. We have experience creating museum exhibits, interactive multimedia kiosks, explanatory videos, interpretive signs, displays, posters, websites, and apps that are informative and reasoned as well as engaging and easy to understand. When coaching is needed, we help experts in science, technology, engineering, and math better reach more general audiences.  

In addition to our paid work in education outreach, our company and staff regularly volunteer our time and equipment in the classroom and civic organizations supporting broader public understanding of science, technology, engineering and math. 

ComDesigns worked with multiple clients to design, write, and oversee the creation of a series of interpretive signs for travelers crossing Idaho's high desert. The signs, including the one shown above, are installed at the Big Lost River Rest Area, located on Highway 20 between Idaho Falls and Arco.