Technical Imaging and Engineering

  • Thermography

    ComDesigns uses its expertise in infrared thermography to support a wide variety of industrial applications. Infrared thermography offers a wide range of benefits. It can detect moisture patterns in construction materials and soils, trace chemical reactions and process heat, detect and count warm-blooded animals, and diagnose electical connection issues. Infrared cameras can be used to see through smoke, locate issues with industrial roofs, and detect the presence or absence of insulation in a building.  >>Learn More

    Our expertise in infrared thermography helps companies save money. To learn more, contact us at or call 208.528.7672 to arrange a free consultation.


  • Engineering

    ComDesignsTech designed a sealed, explosion-resistant housing for a FLIR camera. This system was designed for deployment in a nuclear reactor core where there was a potential for explosive hydrogen gas.

    ComDesignsTech provides rapid prototyping, tactical wireless network engineering and other supporting engineering services to help clients take advantage of our many areas of expertise in technical imaging, NDA and NDE, process monitoring support, and safety monitoring.  >>Learn More


  • Tactical Camera Networks and Systems

    ComDesignsTech designs and deploys custom camera monitoring networks for a sophisticated array of stationary, mobile, remote and robotic systems. Our networks can be a mix of wired and wireless systems, use visible, near-infrared and thermal infrared; and include open network access or military-grade secure encryption.  >>Learn More